Antwerp, Midden-Brabant and the new world of Kanokipa?

Imagine you play an MMORPG. Imagine your character reached level 99, which means you’ve been playing for many years, and you’ve invested quite a bit of money. Imagine the developers want to change the name of your favorite world, or even your province… What would you do?

It’s your world too

You’ve been paying for upgrades, sequels, prequels, patches and more. Hell, even changing a character name costs you money! Sometimes you’ll pay up to $15 to change one. Imagine they’d change the name of the world though. It would become less your own. All forum entries about it would be obsolete. Even that blog post you wrote about it once would be referring to some fantasy word you just made up for fun! Complete madness!

Imagine the government would want to change the name of the province you grew up in…

Well, in Belgium, it is a fact that many people are confused about why the Flemish (northern) province of Antwerp has nothing to do with the city of the same name. Still, I think it’s way too costly to even consider renaming it. Especially while the government’s policy is otherwise based on a cuts frenzy. Imagine having to change everything from local opinion to international interest. It’d take years.

Then there’s the historical arguments. The area was part of the Duchy of Brabant during the middle ages, that much is true, and cool. But we live in 2014 and we have a constitution nowadays, which says that this area is called Antwerp. Besides, Belgium has also been a part of France in the meantime, which renders any pre-French Revolution charters obsolete because of discontinuity.
(For Dutch speaking visitors: the opinion of a historian)

So, while I understand they’d want to change Antwerp in the light of contemporary clarity, I am just angry our tax money would be just used for a lousy name change. The term “Midden-Brabant” doesn’t even make sense! Now let’s enjoy the Gif.

A GIF showing alternatives to some well-known fantasy worlds. Azeroth-Kinokipa, Arda-Twolungia, Hyrule-Vietlantis, Mushroom Kingdom-Cortinarius rubellus Kingdom, Antwerp-Midden-Brabant

Azeroth, Arda, Hyrule, Mushroom Kingdom, Antwerp… They’re here to stay.

Would you pay a developer $15 to change the name of your favorite game world?