The Blurry Edge

Our ancestors lived in a world with a nice blurry edge to it. You could just sail off the map and disappear, no matter where you were. Our generation is told that edge does not exist anymore. We are being lied to. The blurry edge exists, and will always exist, right where the money stops.  It is right in your own town, right now. A bunch of lunatics, rushing off the edge as fast as they can. You know who they are. I recommend them to you. Watch them run. Listen to their rambling tales of what lies beyond the edge.

Our governments have failed miserably to deliver on the promises of science. You have an excellent computer and we are all here together chatting about what went wrong while the rockets lie behind us unused. This is not an accident. But enough looking behind you. Please direct your gaze back to the screen. The pressure is upon all of us to conform. To do what is good for the company, by changing a lot of things about ourselves so we look like our boss, which does not help the company in any way.

So walk up to the edge and take a nice long look. Travel to a place where the edge REALLY gets serious if you want to. Just don’t forget that it is still there, no matter how many of us wear ties and run in circles trying to convince ourselves it doesn’t exist. Never forget that edge is there.

great waterfall looking like the end of the world

“Never forget that edge is there.”