Game of Thrones back at the start – meme

Spoiler alert for season 6!

After watching the finale, I had a déjà vu. It seems like a lot of the plot developments have been working towards a restoration of the status quo in the first seasons. There’s a new king in the north, again, there’s a Lannister on the throne in full power, the Queen of Dragons Dany controls an army of Dothraki and Tyrion is the hand of a king/queen again. Winter is still coming and is closer than ever it seems… Just like it was in the first seasons!

Story progression Game of Thrones meme

Game of Thrones after season 6 = back to basics

But there’s more! The only element worth calling a manifestation of “fire” is gone from the North again. Just like it used to be and that fact makes it a duel between freeze and heat again.

Did you notice any other similarities? Or do you have any other thoughts?

The Game of Thrones in Belgian Politics

It’s been way too long, but this time, there’s an election buzz going about in my little country Belgium, and it looks like a Game of Thrones! So let’s compare, shall we?

Oh, and don’t be too offended by what you see, this is totally my point of view entirely and completely. It’s a rough comparison of the Houses of Game of Thrones and political parties in Flanders, the Flemish speaking “North” of Belgium. I tried to remain objective and if you guys have any thoughts, or there’s someone who would like to do the same exercise for Wallonia, be my guest but let me know!

Have fun!

Infographic of my comparative study of Game of Thrones and Belgian Politics.

Just my view on Game of Thrones politics!