Invasions and pop-up borders

And I’m back with concerns about invasions. This time, as you might guess, I’m on about Ukraine. Russian troops are gathering near the border and pro-Russian civilians are arming themselves. But at the same time, other Ukrainians picking up arms in the name of a “clean nation”. Which might lead to another pop-up border.

Social Occasion
Now, I’m not an expert, nor am I going to pick sides, but the situation worries me and should worry you, a citizen of the world, too. The far right stresses they’re not nazis or communists. They just want to get rid of influences from outside of Ukraine. This means they want the people that they believe to cause this influence, which is just the result of a globalizing economy, gone. It’s sad to think these people would suffer for nothing but some social occasion. Definition: a vaguely specified social event

Hitler shakes hands at the start of his power

Be cautious with popular beliefs!

POP-UP borders
Ring any bells? Hitler would have NEVER admitted he was going to kill millions and millions of people before his power structure was firm enough. I know a
“Hitler-situation” would be impossible in modern times, but I sometimes wonder how many people still yearn for such level of power. Those people are probably thinking they would do things differently for the sake of their people… THEIR people? The fact borders are constantly under discussion and pressure proves even they are fleeting. If their existence follows modern trends, they might become something temporary… Let’s say like restaurants, Pop-up borders anyone?

Leaders standing on and making a earth-puzzle.

The pop-up border trend will prove to be a challenging puzzle!

One ecosystem
To wrap things up, (because I’m out of time for this post) I’d like to invite you to think about your own political views. Will you rise to the “social occasion” and fight for your own pop-up border around your patch or do you accept the fact the world will become more global and everyone inhabits one planet and one ecosystem?

Troops of dubious origin in front of the airport in Crimea

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. – Albert Einstein

3 invasion maps that look like games

Map of the Anglo Saxon invasion

The Anglo Saxon invasion in 449 AD.

I think it’s ironic how much maps like these look like they’re mission goals for an in-game campaign, difficulty set to ‘easiest’. I never liked the idea of a few big men deciding over the deaths of hundreds, thousands or even millions of others. It’s absurd and it’s always just about territories, territories we made up throughout history anyway. Above that, we love to interfere with evolutions in our neighbour’s patches. Have a look at this invasion map of the Anglo Saxons in 449AD.

Operation Desert Storm map

A map of the invation of Iraq in the 90’s.

These manufactured and fought-over territories don’t even always work, or just never work. The best contemporary example of that would be Syria. People fighting to find some kind of say in the way they are being ruled, but they are divided among themselves too and other countries are influencing their human people too. Action and reaction, that’s what happened in Iraq in the 90’s.

A map the invasion of Normandy

“Hitler is the rare individual who really did make history – specifically he made it worse.”
― John Green

I just hope one kind of horror never rises again, though with world powers too strong for their own good nowadays, I’m starting to wonder. If such mass murder ever happens on a global scale again, I’d rather die trying to make a difference. Oh and thank you John Green for providing a short but sweet comment on Hitler’s role on the past. It’s almost a message towards today’s world leaders: think about how you will be remembered, for it will be for the actions you take now.

I say, let’s just play a game to settle our differences and forget about pain and hatred. Though duelling used to solve issues on a regular basis in the past, maybe we could stick to online games on a large scale or a good old Risk match! Funny resolutions, instead of drawing invasion maps with deadly consequences.

A Risk game map

This is a game and I prefer it over bloodshed.