How we remember a war crisis, then and now

Every war is a crisis, nothing less, nothing more. It will go down in history and (we) will be remembered. Our deeds and our strength when facing this peril. Here’s a rant about the biggest crisis of this century so far.

Hitler read the trends of his time

Europe’s political landscape was already unstable. Hitler took advantage of the trends and atmosphere of the zeitgeist: extreme nationalism. It was the strongest motivator by far, held in place because of the image of and sanctions imposed on the country. His quick rise and charisma made the disadvantaged empathize and believe in him. He rose quickly, painting an image of a new era, a new empire and more “Lebensraum”. A blitzkrieg and a time of occupation followed.


Nationalism and Lebensraum. Hitler in 1933.

During the war, the world divided into two camps. This frail form of “balance” changed dramatically over time until only one enemy was identified as Nazi Germany. Every nation on the planet turned against them with good reason, but even that didn’t beat the willpower of the new “Reich” without a fight. It took years of planning and preparing. Without strong diplomacy and a well-planned approach, the Nazi values could have prevailed against all the odds. We were able to understand why and find the way out from there.

Today’s trends as a breeding ground

You can probably see where this is going: ISIS, or the new self-proclaimed empire in the middle-east. Today’s trends of terrorism in the media and anti-muslim sentiment are the breeding ground for a group of charismatic preachers of a new era. They offer a new way to redeem themselves. It’s another coating, it’s the same horror.

Do we go in head first, all with our own army and approach? Or will we think about what makes it possible for the crisis to exist in the first place? The world remembers our war, and the world will remember theirs. There’s just no escaping it.


This is Homs, Syria.

So how do we want to be remembered?

I hope you liked this rant. If you have thoughts, saw typos or want to add something, let me know in the barrenesque below! We’re in this together!